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Outcome-driven User Experience and Product Design leader based out of NYC
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End-to-end design

Design systems

Data analytics/analysis

Creative direction


Product strategy


Insights integration

CFT collaboration


Enterprise & consumer

Integral Ad Science adtech

MobileROI martech

MyCityWay mobile-social-local

IAS Signal unified view

IAS Signal unified view

vision & strategy   -   innovation   -   uxD/R

Servicing over 12k monthly users, the IAS Signal platform enables marketers across the ad verification ecosystem to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize their digital campaigns.

The Unified View is built on customizable reporting and data management systems delivering the insights large customers need to inform the quality of media spend across their global footprint.

As a principal, I was responsible for the ux outcomes and the end-to-end design process.


Custom report builder

complex reporting systems

An offline reporting tool enabling customers to easily filter through their vast amount of data and custom set their delivery method. Customers can create a one-time report, schedule and share reports across their organization, set up alerts and manage their queue all within a single experience.

Led design at the forefront and throughout, innovating along the way to meet the ever-evolving custom reporting needs of the customer in ad tech.

Coming soon

Morton design system

design foundation   -   scale   -   operations

Morton is the internal design system of Integral Ad Science (IAS). Operationalized as a designer > developer code-ready production tool it scaled, over time, to an org-wide adoption as a centrality for brand and visual identity.

As the first IC hire, I headed the inception of the design system and established the foundational principles that guided the future state. I continued to manage, mentor and consult in maintaining the integrity of the system during major initiatives and changes.

In a truly collaborative effort, many UX-ers and UI engineers contributed to the success, with a latest push towards an accessibility accredited product.

MobileROI platform

product design   -   enterprise software

Aimed to service marketers with an AI and context-aware mobile relationship platform, to provide brands access to a unified view of their customers, and to enable retailers to build stronger relationships, deepen loyalty and grow revenue.

As the designer in the founding team, I was responsible for developing the company’s brand identity, the design of the platform, analytics and campaign management, the marketing website and all visual assets for sales pitches and presentations.

MobileROI design system

design foundation   -   operations

In a response to a rapidly developing enterprise platform, the design system delivered robust data visualization sets with strong visual identity, including custom illustrations and iconography. Tailored to a sophisticated marketer driving customer engagement on mobile, the design system supported all workflows, dashboard, reporting and campaign management experiences.

I was responsible for the creative direction and guiding principles and led a small team of designers and design technologist in scaling the system, launching live code and demos for functional components and data visualizations.

MyCityWay mobile platform

product design    -   creative direction

Responsible for the design of the mobile platform with suite of apps reaching millions of users across 100+ cities worldwide.

MyCityWay’s mobile platform, including local search and discovery, powered numerous brands across different industries, automotive, entertainment, travel and business.

Backed by BMWi ventures, the award-winning flagship app ranked #1 in the AppStore for NYC travel.

Other projects

web & app design   -   visual identity   -   visual arts

In the period between 2010-2015 I worked on various projects, design for marketing websites, logo and visual identity, set design for independent productions in the visual arts and numerous universal and native apps across auto, entertainment and media.

BMWi DriveNow in-car dashboard
One Laptop Per Child native app
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade app
SpotOn mobile app
MobileROI marketing website
MyCityWay logo visual exploration

About me

Design architect
Strategic design leader operating at multiple levels of scale, with 12+ years experience across both consumer and enterprise spaces for award-winning startups and global brands. Outcome-driven with a mission to guide and empower teams in delivering exceptional digital experiences balancing aesthetics, usability and innovation.

Ex artist, art student and industry pro with 8+ years in the field of visual arts. I hold an MFA degree from Parsons School of Design with focus on non-traditional transdisciplinary art practices. I’ve learned from educators and artists working across disciplines and focus, environment, architecture, cinematography, photography and traditional fine arts. In the period around my BFA and MFA studies, I worked in art studios, museums, galleries, auction houses, and art delivery businesses.  
Sports competitor
Ex student-athlete, I played basketball and soccer throughout my teens, competing on state, reginal and international levels. During my time at IAS, I ran multiple sports focused Employee Interest Groups getting people from across the company, locally and globally, to foster teamwork, trust and inclusivity. I coached / captained the soccer team competing at intermediate-advanced levels across NYC. 

Proud dad of a baby girl. Outside of work, my wife and I are enjoying our time with our daughter – we travel, hike, swim and are learning how to kick a ball. 

(Black) Light dance film, set design.

IAS soccer team

IAS soccer team, Winter 2020

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